China IMC/ Rigid Coupling Three Pieces Type Couplings Malleable Iron/Steel a coupling reaction

Merchandise Description

ELECMAN  IMC/ Rigid Coupling A few Pieces Variety Couplings Malleable Iron/Metal

Merchandise: IMC/ Rigid Coupling Three Parts Type Couplings Malleable Iron/Steel

Material: Steel / Malleable Iron

Type: A few piece type


ELECMAN IMC/RIGID 3 piece couplings are utilized to few the 2 ends of IMC/RIGID when the conduit can not be turned.     


• All malleable construction insures mechanical protection of the raceway
• Supply concrete-restricted connection
• All components are zinc electro plated for corrosion security
• Offered dimensions from 1/2″ to 4″

Cat.# Trade Size
TPC050 one/2″
TPC075 3/4″
TPC100 1″
TPC125 one-1/4″
TPC150 one-1/2″
TPC200 two”
TPC250 two-1/2″
TPC300 3″
TPC350 3-1/2″
TPC400 four”
TPC350 five”
TPC400 6″

ELECMAN QC department shell out a lot consideration to managing the high quality.


Packing is so crucial, good packing can support buyers to boost the brand graphic, good packing also can aid can assist consumers to inventory the products well for more time time. 

For internal packing, use small carton boxes or self sealing plastic bag, for external packing, use good quality corrugated carton. 
Inner PACKING: Small carton box or self sealing plastic bag 
External PACKING: Corrugated Carton

ELECMAN can comply with any packing requirements of clients. 

Other names: Unión Erikson, UNIONES ERICSON,  Union Erickson 3 Hembra,  Copla Erickson – Unión Americana

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated|

Freight Cost Calculator

Connection: Female
Structure: Universal
Flexible or Rigid: Rigid
US$ 0.6/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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